We are a full service marketing and support agency to online businesses. Our areas of expertise include:

• Online Business Strategy and Execution

• Online Marketing & Implementation

• Customer Acquisition


• Online Customer Support

• Market Research

Online Business Strategy and Execution


In the ever-evolving online space, it’s vitally important to always stay one step ahead of the rest. We realize the importance of online marketing for any business and aim to develop strategies that compliment the product or service we are marketing. Careful consideration is given to the online strategy to ensure that we are securing the most effective deals, for the most successful campaigns, to lead to the most successful results. Our dedicated team of campaign managers ensures that all online campaigns run smoothly and are optimized to ensure the best results.

Online Marketing & Implementation


• Media Planning & Buying


The key to successful advertising is careful planning. We start our planning by first looking at the proposition and its target audience. Having a clear understanding of the demographics of our intended audience, their surfing habits and drivers to purchase, allows us to develop a detailed, targeted media plan. Throughout our campaigns, we constantly measure and monitor the performance of every placement and strive to maximize your return whilst growing your campaign to meet your budget.


At Cyberstrobe Marketing, you can rely on an experienced team with over a decade’s experience in media planning. We can profile your users to enable us to design and create relevant and effective online advertising and will work with you to make sure that your adverts appear on the right sites and in the right places.  Overall, the focus is on achieving your ROI goals while aggressively growing your customer base.


• Search Engine Marketing


Research, analysis and testing are at the heart of successful search engine marketing – and it is the core of everything we do.   The first step is to check that your site converts strongly enough and works for its goals. Once we have determined that your site is converting users, we research your audience and their researching and purchasing habits. Our research is used to develop an initial keyword strategy, which is quickly adapted as we review the conversion rates and ROI for different clicks.  Your Keyword Bank will quickly evolve as our talent is in the thoroughness and granularity of our analysis and a clinical eye in driving your campaign to meet its ROI target.


• Creative & Brand Development


Never underestimate the power of good design. It can make all the difference between a potential customer choosing your product or going to the competition.  Although the majority of our work is based in the online space, we also regularly assist with print, video and audio design. We brainstorm, conceptualize, develop, implement and track performance on a range of different campaigns. Regular testing and analysis ensures that you campaign – however big or small – contributes positively to your overall marketing strategy. 

Customer Acquisition


Cyberstrobe Marketing is a strategic marketing agency specialising in developing and driving channels for sales and customer acquisition for online companies.  We provide marketing services to a global client base, with a strong focus on achieving their return on investment goals.


We understand the internet, how consumers use the internet and how business can gain a competitive advantage. With this knowledge we have significantly increased our clients’ sales, while continuously driving down their costs.


We specialise in providing strategies that work and provide measurable results in the following advertising fields:


• Online

We research potential media opportunities, liaise directly with publishers and online vendors and negotiate the best costs.


• Affiliate

We offer results-driven solutions for the perfect affiliate campaigns where we combine a variety of strategies that deliver proven results.


• Above the Line

Our creative team regularly get their hands dirty working on television campaigns, radio strategies and events that build brand awareness and increase brand loyalty.


• Below the Line

Whatever your below the line ideas, Cyberstobe will turn them into reality – we get actively involved

in research, development, implementation and reporting.


Our ultimate goal for our clients is to increase brand awareness and loyalty, increase customer base and increase revenue. Once we get the customers through your door you will undoubtedly reap the rewards!



Customer satisfaction is key. Our dedicated team of account managers ensures that our customers are treated with the utmost respect and honesty at all times. We communicate freely and openly with each of our clients to ensure that their ultimate business goals are achieved. We use the most up to date, reliable software to aid smooth automated communication with our customers, and in turn with their customers. All aspects of our communication are skillfully written, carefully checked and manually sent to ensure that your clients experience personal, one-on-one care that is not only professional, but effective as well.

Online Customer Support


Our call centre is available 24/7/365 and can be contacted via toll free phone, email and chat.

To ensure that our customers have real-time assistance, we offer a unique online customer

support platform. This support platform allows clients to contact our support team via online

chat – eliminating the need to pick up the phone or even draft an email. Within seconds, one of our dedicated support staff will be on hand to answer any queries, investigate any problems and formulate effective solutions. As a result, your clients will experience immediate support resulting

in a happy, loyal customer.

Market Research

Before any marketing strategy can effectively be formulated, thorough research needs to be conducted. The team at Cyberstrobe Marketing has experience in conducting in-depth research on all aspects related to the product or service we will be marketing. In order to effectively formulate a strategy, we get our ears to the ground and our hands dirty. The first step of our research is to become a consumer ourselves – we find potential competitors and see what the experience is like. Once we have a clear picture of what our competitors are up to, we then delve deeper in the market itself. We formulate a picture of who our target market is and use this picture to come up with an achievable strategy.  Allow us to use our experience and knowledge to ensure that your strategy can be professionally developed for the market you intend to capture.